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Bonshine is a water-free and eco-friendly car wash method. We not only care about the cleanliness of your car but also take environment protection very seriously. Our car wash guarantees you an unfailingly perfect result.

Clean car in 4 steps


Download our application to your mobile phone for quick and easy ordering of Bonshine services


Choose time and day of car wash, make your order and we will take care of the rest


At your indicated time our experienced and professional washer will arrive at your place and immediately get down to work


Enjoy your free time and get a clean car

How does Bonshine mobile car wash work?

We shall arrive to any place that you indicate in Bonshine mobile application.
You can also drive to one of the parking lots where we operate on a regular basis.
A team of experienced washers will wash your car in 20-30 minutes using special EU-certified detergents and special cloth without leaving any water or dirt on the pavement.
If you also wish to clean the interior of your car, then, upon arrival of the team, we shall ask you to give us the car keys or open the car. The car should be parked in a safe way to allow all car doors to stay fully open.
At the end of the wash, we shall cover the car body with wax; it will ensure long-term protection from soiling and water stains.

Watch the video and see for yourself

Advantages of Bonshine waterless car wash

Wash your car wherever you wish to

Leaves no traces and stains

Safe both for you and your car


Easy to order via the mobile application

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