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FAQ: Car wash

Useful information for our customers


In what cities do you operate?

We are constantly working to expand our business to other cities. Follow the link to get an updated list of cities in your country.

How much time does it take to wash a car?

Exterior car wash is done in 20-30 minutes.
Exterior wash and interior cleaning is done in 40-50 minutes depending on the car size and greasiness.

Should I be inside or stay near the car during the wash?

If you order just exterior wash, you do not have to waste your time and stay near the car. In case of interior cleaning you should give the car keys to the cleaner and collect them when we call you.

Do you do interior car cleaning?

Yes, we do full car interior cleaning. As an extra service, we disinfect major surfaces of the car interior.

Is Bonshine car wash safe for my car?

The car wash is absolutely safe. We already did 750’000 car washes for major companies in Israel. Moreover, the body of your car will be covered with wax, which will make it dust-proof. It becomes especially noticeable after 3-4 washes using our method.

What kind or cars do you wash?

We wash all kind or cars (sedan, wagon, SUV, jeep, etc.). After getting registered in Bonshine application you should indicate the make and type of your car.

Any more questions about car wash?

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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